• AI models embedded with deep civil engineering expertise are the core of the Sacertis Civil Engineering Advisor (CEA).
  • The multi year R&D effort with IBM and Sund&Baelt has created the capability for digital defect recognition and diagnoses of root causes.
  • Asset operators can now improve their life cycle management of assets and optimize capital expenditure and better minimize risk.
  • Engineering companies can now leverage the mountains of data available from images, sensors, documentation and public sources to improve their services in structural health monitoring and management.


Infrastructure in the Western World has been built after World War II (Europe, Japan), or in the first half of the past Century (USA). Concrete was designed to last 50 years and it is coming close to its end-of-life. 

Large renewal programs are planned around the globe. The main issues facing infrastructure owners are three: 

1. How urgent are the interventions needed 

2. Which interventions should be done

3. How to build a fact based priority list of interventions

The KNOWCE INITIATIVE is designed to answer these questions


Meenagi Venkat


  • Formerly VP and CTO for Solution Engineering Cloud and AI Software at IBM.
  • Deep Data, AI and Enterprise Software and SaaS skills
  • Expertise in enterprise Go To Market and building services and software businesses for growth

Prof. Konrad Bergmeister

Board Member

  • Professor and Head Institute of Structural Engineering – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
  • Formerly Austrian CEO of Brenner Base Tunnel
  • Founder Bergmeister Engineering Gmbh

Eugenio Grippo

Board Member &
Legal Officer

  • Expert, in Energy, Infrastructure, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions together with project financing.

Erich Clementi

Board Member

  • Former IBM SrVP and Chairman IBM Europe
  • Board Member at E.ON SE and Lufthansa and private venture investor.


Prof. Alfredo Cigada

Professor of Mechanical Measurements
Politecnico di Milano

  • Expert in measurement systems for Structural Health Monitoring

Prof. Hugo C. Peiretti

President – FHECOR

  • Professor of Structural Concrete and Conceptual Design at the Technical University of Madrid.
  • Member international and Spanish code committees (Eurocode 2, Model Code 2020) and Spanish code committees (EHE, EAE, IAPF, IAP).

Prof. Aurelio Muttoni

 Professor and Head of the Structural Concrete Laboratory at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • Member of the Presidium of FIB
  • Cofounder – Muttoni & Fernández Consulting

Prof. Paolo Riva

Structural Engineering

  • Prof. of Structural Engineering at the University of Bergamo and co-founder of Di.Mo.Re. srl.
  • Authored over 250 papers on Seismic Design and Structural Concrete.

Raj Rajabhathor


  • Principal Officer – Data Analytics, Architecture, Strategy, Governance & Engineering
  • Proven success leading Data and AI initiatives
  • Built several Data and AI organizations